Online Teaching Portfolio

This is a collection of teaching materials for the courses that I’ve taught so far in reverse-chronological order. I invite you to click into the course websites, to read any teaching reflections in the blog posts on this blog, and interact with the documents presented here.

Winter 2016,                                                  WRTG 121-Researching the Public Experience

Eastern Michigan University       

AAAAAAHHHHHIn this section of WRTG 121, I sought techniques that allow students see the narratives around them that compose their daily realities, how institutional systems inform those narratives, and how students can “hack” these normative systems for their own purposes.  Students in this course were encouraged to pick a social justice issue, perform their own primary and secondary research into this topic, and create material (toys, boardgames, etc.), public (Flashmobs, silent protests, etc.), or digital hacks (remixes) that invited interaction with their audience. In this, students become makers: makers of texts, makers of their education, and makers of their sense of self.